What influences the curriculum?

Curriculum policy and the politics of what should be learned in schools. by B. Levin (2008)

Before reading: What influences the curriculum?

Curricula are based on the basic knowledge that students need to be successful in life, and at higher levels on the entry requirements of various university programs.

After reading: What influences the curriculum?

It is clear that the government has the most say in what is the curriculum content.  In turn, the government is elected and therefore trying to fulfill the promises that got them elected in the first place.  This is how voters influence the curriculum.  Of course, this is a lengthy process and decades may go by before changes are made.

It is surprising and worrying how little teachers and students influence the curriculum.  After all, teachers are the ones who implement it in the classroom.  They are the ones on the “front lines” and interact with students every day, and they know what works and what doesn’t.  It is the students who have to learn the material and plan their careers.  In a rapidly changing world, especially in terms of future careers, this lag in curriculum updating is negatively impacting students.


One thought on “What influences the curriculum?

  1. A few of us have the same suggestion that students need to have more of a say in curriculum making. After all, they experience it first hand, so they would understand how effective it is in their learning. Great idea


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